Hi Everyone.  What do you think of my new 360 sphere WordPress plugin?

I utilized some CSS code I learned from this tutorial and integrated it into an easy WordPress plugin shortcode!

Are you interested in utilizing 360 images and my plugin on your page or site?  Contact me for more information!

Get the plugin on my GitHub!  Updates coming soon!

*better mobile compatibility coming soon!  I just put this together last night so… please, be patient and let me know if you experience bugs!


To use this plugin:  Copy the sphere.php plugin file from GitHub to its own ‘wp-sphere’ folder in your plugins directory.

Upload an image to your Media Library and copy the URL for the uploaded image
(ie. http://360production.services/wp-content/uploads/sites/57/2017/11/SAM_100_1093.jpg)

I insert a sphere into a post or page use the following shortcode:
[sphere size="300" url="http://360production.services/wp-content/uploads/sites/57/2017/11/SAM_100_1093.jpg" speed="30"]

  • Size= the dimensions of the sphere in pixels (300px is the default)
  • URL= the URL of the 360 image
  • Speed= the amount of time for the image to rotate a complete 360 in seconds (default is 30s)


  • Mobile compatibility – resize on mobile to fit screen size.
  • Support for multiple spheres on the same page
  • click and drag to reset image direction.
  • shadow around image to create more of a globe effect.
  • shadow below image to create a floating effect.
  • Add to the official WordPress plugin library.