360 Music Videos

The Human Circuit:  How it Used to be

I filmed ‘How it Used to be’ in the Spring of 2017 with Mat Oldiges of The Human Circuit.  We wanted to create a virtual music experience that put our viewers in a unique time and place.  We chose the ‘Rabit Festival’ as our stage and created our first 360 helmet camera.  Although I find carnival rides to be nauseating, we were able to come up with some amazing footage only a week from conception.  After several weeks of editing I developing new techniques for balancing the 360 video.   Soon the virtual reality experience ‘How it Used to be’ was born.  We wanted to keep the music effects subtle and give an independent feel to the entire film.  This video is best watched in the highest HD quality on a VR headset.  Caution:  contains carnival rides and awesome music!

For many, this has been their first virtual reality experience.  Some can’t keep the headset on throughout the wild ride.  Others flail their hands and scream with joy!

How will you experience:  ‘How it Used to be’ ???

You can check out more of The Human Circuit on their website:  TheHumanCircuit.org
as well as The Human Circuit on YouTube!!!

Their new album:  Electric City features this song ‘How it Used to be’ and is available for purchase on Band Camp!!!