January 2018 I visited the HOPE gallery in Austin Texas.  The gallery had recently slated for demolition and I wanted the opportunity to preserve a piece of Austin in digital form.  The HOPE Outdoor Gallery has always been an artistic inspiration for me.  Austin, graffiti art has been something I watched evolve over the years.  I saw artists band together to push a legitimate face for the Austin graffiti scene.  I’ve watched artist paint plywood, old doors, metal, cars, buildings… and watched the struggle to legitimize an underground art form.  I believe the HOPE Gallery is one, of many forms of art, that embrace this ideal.


As of January 2nd 2019, HOPE Gallery officially closes its doors, to re-open on Baylor St:


 I hope you enjoy the virtual tour!  I would like to thank you all for the ongoing support of 360Production.Services


-Nathan Goodfellow

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