Are you in search of a licensed drone pilot in Leander Texas?

Hiring a licensed pilot is an important part of any drone aerial photography endeavor. By hiring a licensed pilot you ensure full compliance with FAA regulations.

-I am a Leander local and I fly a DJI Mavic Air!
I pride myself on taking high quality 4K video and HDR photos from my drone.

Taking off at TraVisso in Leander Texas

I recently photographed and filmed local Leander neighborhood: TraVisso from my drone. Check out some of these aerial shots:

As you can see, the neighborhood is still under construction, but has some amazing views!

Leander offers a great scene for an aerial photographer!

Check out the final product, a video for ‘The Visso Life‘ magazine:

Looking for a licensed pilot in Leander? Call: 512-553-5576 or email:

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