Puff will soar above the playa spreading light and love to all.

This is my dragon projection mapping art project I’ve submitted for the Flipside Art Grant this year (2020)

Puff the Magic Dragon is a video mapping project that involves 2 HDMI projectors and a PVC structure covered in scrim.

View & Download the SketchUp Model Here


I am currently looking for voluenteers as well as supplies and donations in order to complete this art project.
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Needed Supplies:

Name Quantity
2in PVC 10 ft pipe 5
2in 3 way elbow 8
1.5in 3 way elbow 8
1.5in PVC 10ft pipe 9
1.5in PVC 45 degree elbow 8
1in PVC 3 way elbow 20
1in PVC 45 degree elbow 25
1in PVC 10ft pipe 12
3/4in PVC 10ft pipe 5
3/4in PVC 3 way elbow 8
3/4in PVC 45 degree elbow 12
Fabric 100
White Paracord 1
White Spray Paint 10

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Random ideas:

  • Make him breath fire (scrim and PVC is FLAMMABLE)
  • Make him breath smoke (fog machine and tubing)
  • LED’s and other lights when not being lit
  • Sand inside the base layer for stability and weight

I need help with:

  • 3D Model of Dragon for Animations
  • Dragon Animations to use for mapping
  • Building this massive thing
  • Sewing scrim and making a ‘skin’
  • Securing this thing to the ground
  • Other forms of obnoxious dragon related wizzadry
  • Generator or some way to power this art installation
  • Random tasks
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