360 Wedding Services

Re-Live those Special Moments with 360 Videography & Photography

Why 360?

360 Video allows you to re-live your wedding experience in Virtual Reality!  Unlike traditional photography or videography, this unique service provides a first-person perspective into your “I do’s”.  With 360 video you experience the wedding as viewed from your wedding party or guests.  Your new partner, and your family and friends can re-live this special moment over and over again.

We are different than traditional media services.

We provide a new and unique way to re-watch your wedding in Virtual Reality!  Unlike traditional photography and videography, 360 video films outside the box.  We do not replace a traditional wedding photographer or videographer but rather enhance the media production of your event.  We can also work with your photographer or videographer to enhance your traditional wedding videos with 360 animations, Tiny World Images and other media that fits inside the box.

With 360 video, you get to re-live the experience!

We can provide traditional video and photography from 360 photos and videos, however we recommend adding 360 video as a way to enhance your traditional media coverage.  If you are in need of a traditional photographer or videographer we are happy to work with you as well!  We can make recommendations and bring in some of our preferred vendors to assist as needed.  Because our main focus is 360 video, its difficult to manage so many cameras at once so it becomes necessary to have a team to cover the event.

Live Stream Your Wedding!

Sometimes people can’t make it to your special day.  A relative may be prevented from being physically able to attend.  Friends may not be able to travel.  However, they may still want to experience your special day with you.  Our 360 live streaming experience allows those that can’t make it to be able to still have a first-person experience.  Don’t let anyone miss out, broadcast your wedding to the world!

Live streaming is dependent on the network speed of the venue internet and is offered as available.

Standard Rates

Preferred Venues

We work with these preferred venues to offer discounted rates and services!  If you are already working with one of our preferred venues, please let us know!  If you are looking for a location for your wedding, take a look at these options and be sure to mention you heard about them from 360Production.Services!

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