Commercial Drone Pilot Services

Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

Meet the pilot:

Nathan Goodfellow

Nathan Goodfellow

Airman - Remote Pilot - Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Nathan Goodfellow has been flying drones as a hobbyist for several years.  In January 2018 he passed the FAA Airman Knowledge Test and completed the application as a remote pilot.  Nathan enjoys flying a variety of remote aircraft and works with other drone enthusiasts to fly under his command.

His current drone of choice is the DJI Mavic Air.

Drones offer a new and unique way to capture the world around us.

Our drone services include:

  • Real Estate Aerial Photography –  As part of our Real Estate Services we offer drone photography to capture a birds-eye view of your listing.  With aerial photography, you can get a unique perspective of a property and the landscape around it.
  • Story Telling Aerial Cinematography – Drone video footage can greatly enhance the viewers perspective when telling a story.  From movie production, music videos, promotional videos, and more!  Drone footage will give your viewer a birds eye view and can help tell the story in a unique way.
  • Photo Mapping – Are you looking to get an aerial map of your property?  With our drone services we can cover the area and provide a detailed photograph.
  • Property Inspection – Put the ladder away and let the drone inspect for you.  With a drone video inspection its easy to spot condition and other issues that might be hard to see from the ground.  By following the property line we can inspect fences for breaks and intruders.  We can also inspect radio and telecommunication equipment installations from the ground.
  • Property Security – Because drones can give a birds eye view, they are a great tool for catching trespassers.  Are you concerned your property is being compromised?  We can search for cut fences, tire tracks and other signs of trespassers.

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