Watch as I unbox the Madventure 360 Camera!  This camera was also known as the Xiaomi Mijia or Mi Sphere.  In an attempt to be better adapted by the western world, the camera has been re-released as the MADV Madventure 360!  The camera features a bright orange case which is unique to the Madventure vs. its predecessors.  Xiamoi came out with some of the best 360 video quality, stitching, and stabilization on the market for a low price.

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Whats in the box?

  • Madventure 360 Camera
  • Lets Get Started Manual
  • Thin Mini-Tripod Expanding Stand
  • Selfie Stick with Photo Button
  • Camera Pouch/Cover (coin purse style)
  • GoPro Style Mount/Adapter
  • Charging Cable


  • Color: orange
  • Dimensions:  78mm x 67.5mm x 23mm
  • Camera: x2 / F2.2 lens
  • Features:  Auto, Manual, Shutter priority, ISO priority, “bullet time” type effect (hemispherical 120fps mode), Invisible Selfie Stick
  • Max Photo Resolution:  360˚ Dual Lens: 23.88 mp (6912 x 3456)
  • Photo Format:  JPEG
  • Max Video Resolution:  360˚ Dual Lens: up to 3840 x 1920 (24fps)
  • Video Codec:  MP4 (H.265)
  • Recording Time:  75 minutes
  • Battery:  1600mAh
  • Memory:  MicroSD card (up to 128GB)
  • Mobile Apps:  Android, iOS
  • PC Software:  Windows
  • Connectivity:  WiFi
  • IF Connector:  USB 2.0 (micro USB)
  • Sensor:  6-axis, built-in stabilization (phone not needed)
  • Durability:   IP67 water resistance
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